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What's In A Year?

I'm often asked, 'What do you do?' and I struggle to (concisely) answer that question.

So, for the curious, I've attempted to take a mini snapshot of my work life in 2022.


Beijing, my 7th Games as a broadcaster, marked the first time I covered my old sport - ski racing. Between the visual beauty of the stark landscape, and the storylines that included a Canadian Podium for Jack Crawford in the Combined (a first in history), I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment.

I was also honored to, for a 2nd Games in a row, join as a host for the Closing Ceremony. In Beijing, it was an all-female contingent of Andi Petrillo, Perdita Felicien, Anastasia Bucsis, and myself.


Over the span of a year, I researched and compiled data on a gap in our current sporting structures. The focus of this work was on the governance structures pertaining to how injured & recovering athletes are managed & supported.

I presented this study to OTP in March 2023 and continue to discuss how the principle suggestions may be implemented on a National scale.


I am a Board Member with both WinSport and Alpine Canada and sit on their respective Finance/Audit/Risk & HR committees. Although these roles involve year-round meetings, the bulk of the work is done in the Spring/Fall.

I take great pride in the work I do with these organizations. My hope is to help ensure Canada's sports legacies remain healthy, robust, and transparent.


In the Spring of 2022, the world of Keynote Speaking at events was back in full swing.

It was a GREAT feeling to be back in front of live audiences to help uplift, challenge, and engage people from all walks of corporate life.

One event that stands out, was in Banff when I presented to Pri-Med. This organization, like many, was challenged by a reluctant return-to-office workforce. I helped push their comfort zones by delving into how they can get BETTER, and FASTER, by leaning into discomfort.


I continue to work closely with marketing and branding teams from different organizations like Lake Louise Ski Resorts, Marker/Volkl Canada, SONY, etc.

Although I play different roles with different organizations, this is an example of a commercial filmed in February 2022 that was later released in the lead-up to the 2023 winter season.


I continue to work as a contract TV Broadcaster/Reporter and content creator. Most recently, I was helping cover the World Cup events in Lake Louise and at Calgary's Olympic Oval.


This year, I was taken on as an Industry Advisor for SONY. My niche, working as a TV Broadcaster & Content Creator, gives me a unique perspective on certain aspects of this industry.

Notably, I attended my first KANDO trip with SONY, held in Sun Valley, Idaho.


I'm lucky to say I found academics easy. However, sports & the arts challenged me in ways that were harder to define. I liked that challenge and continue to seek it out today as both a photographer and painter.

I photograph a wide variety of subjects and have won multiple awards. I am a regular speaker for events, clubs, & corporate communities like The Camera Store's.


I built and sold-out a 2-day, all-encompassing photography workshop geared towards women. The goal: to enable women to shift their focus onto sport with skill, confidence, and community.

This event showcased the following:

- 4 world-class speakers

- 8x athlete models

- 2x Workshops

- 1x Equipment Demo

- 1x Hotel Partner

- Fully Catered & Prizes

Happily, the Branch Out Workshop received a 5-Star rating from its attendees.


Painting continues to be a part of my artistic pursuits. Pieces from my recent collection entitled 'A Foggy Journey' have been selling faster than I can paint.

This is my most recent commission, 'A Ride To Remember' for the Wolfe Family, and is now hanging in Fernie, BC.

To see more of my art, VISIT:

In a nutshell, that's


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