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Uniquely YOU - Family Portraits in Canmore/Banff

Most families who hire me for portraits have an idea in mind. They want a posed portrait where everyone's smiling, eyes are open, and they're looking (more or less) 'normal'.

I usually capture that image in the first 5 min. Then, I let my clients know I 'have it' and move on to where the REAL MAGIC happens. The magic of connection, personality, and, my personal favourite, the magic found in the quiet moments.

Essentially, I try to capture WHO my clients are, not what they hope to present to the world.

And usually (ok always) this FAR exceeds their expectations. Because all of my clients are beautiful and when I capture their authentic selves, that is when I know I have done my job. The images aren't only unique, they are uniquely theirs.

Here are a few magical moments from 2023:


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