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Lake Louise - A Wedding For The Ages

We're over it right? Covid-19 restrictions?

Well, sadly, Covid-19 isn't over with us.

However, people continue to celebrate their love and honour that connection through marriage. Wedding parties may be smaller and celebrations contained, but the magic of matrimony hasn't waned.

For this wedding, it was the mother of the bride, Wendy, who first reached out to me. We had some great conversations, laughs, and I knew this wedding, although smaller than they'd hoped, would be packed full of personality.

It didn't disappoint.

Courtney & Bryce met at the alter on December 19th, 2020, in the most picturesque of venues - The Chateau Lake Louise. Their vows were shared before a small group of a few friends & family and their first dance was on skates. How Canadian!

I hope you enjoy these images that helped capture the beauty of their union...


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