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Women's Photography Workshop

After 2 years of planning and (re) scheduling due to COVID, IT HAPPENED!!!!

This women's sports photography workshop went live, sold out, and ran without a hitch.

In the end, we had:

4x Speakers

8x Athlete-Models

2x Sports Workshops

1x Equipment Demo - SONY

1x Hotel Partner (Basecamp)

3x In-Kind Gifts (SONY, ThinkTank & The Camera Store)

2x JK Bakery Tea/Coffee/Snacks

2x Catered Lunches

Beyond the logistics, the energy and people made it special and ensured it exceeded even my expectations. (Which were high!) Attendees felt the same. In the post-event survey participants rated this event 5/5!

Participants Rated Branch Out - 5 STAR!

Now, the Branch Out community feels real, tangible. Made up on talented, like minded women hoping to expand their horizons as photographers.

I believe this community has a strong future as together we continue to build upon this 2022 event.

To everyone who trusted me with their time and money - Thank You!

I had fun getting to know you, learning together, and growing as artists.

Murielle Schaar said that the best part about Branch Out was,

"Being surrounded by amazing people!"

I couldn't agree more.

I hope to see you all (and new faces too) next year!


"It was a fantastic weekend!!! Can’t wait for your next workshop, sign me up!”

- Katie Burley-Woods

"I had so much fun and feel confident to become a working photographer. Thank you, Kelly!"

- Paula Hager

"Thank you so much for the great weekend! I learned so much and most importantly, I had a great time! All the instructors were excellent!"

- Lisa Mueller

"Thank you again Kelly for such a fine-tuned workshop with lots of personal touches and energy that made it very special. I learned a lot too and got motivated to shoot tonnes!!"

- Anne Walton

"Great presenters. Lots packed into two days both hands on and theory. Loved the shooting opportunity, openness of the group and facilitators."

- Liz Oscroft

"I loved that was a relatively small group of female photographers. The speakers were perfect for this!"

- Michelle Shynkar


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