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Canmore Nordic Centre Wedding - Jeremy & Ashley

Although a global pandemic persists, love will not be stopped and neither will the tradition of marking unions through marriage. However, weddings have changed in scale and look as everyone tries to continue 'living' in the face of Covid-19.

Jeremy and Ashley planned a small elopement but included two friends and one sister. It was emotional, it was heartfelt and it was perfect. Even when one of the scouted portrait locations had snow guns moved into the space...everyone simply dove into the experience and played with it!

Their love and fun filled attitude left space for spectacular images that are uniquely theirs. Images I'm certain will be cherished for a lifetime.

To Jeremy & Ashley...thank you for entrusting your big moment to my hands, my eye, and my camera. May your journey through the years ahead continue to be filled with the same sense of joy and love I witnessed on your magical day in November, 2020.

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