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Branch Out & What's Next

Photographing live-action-sport is unique, it's fast, it's hectic, and it's magical.

Yet sports photography is still a sector largely dominated by male photographers. And, although this is slowly changing, there remains a gap with fewer women telling sports stories both professionally and recreationally. It is my hope to help change that by creating community and by offering learning opportunities for aspiring, amateur and professional female sports photographers.

It was this inspiration that resulted in the creation of Branch Out - a women's sports photography workshop.

SONY was quick to see the vision behind this workshop and joined as Branch Out's title sponsor. Then, after I did a few presentations, including one for The Camera Store, the workshop filled up quickly and sold-out months before the scheduled event.

...Having amazing speakers lined up didn't hurt either! (Leah Hennel, Erika Mann, Candice Ward)

However, COVID regulations had other plans.

To ensure everyone's safety there were several rounds of rescheduling and delays. For now, Branch Out has officially hit the 'pause' button until the rollercoaster ride that is a pandemic, subsides.

As for the cycling images included in this blog?

They're images I took at the event Branch Out was scheduled to photograph.


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