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Mother's Day Reflections

I'm always struck by strong emotions on Mother's Day, yet, their focus differs from year to year.

Sometimes, I'm overwhelmed by cherished memories of my Mom (who is sadly no longer with us). In other years, my inspiration lands on all the incredible women I've photographed.

This year, it was a mixed bag, but the day's emotions were mainly focused on 2 things.

1) Reflection upon my role as a Mom.

Within that space of reflection, I wrote and posted this prose after breakfast with my kiddo:

The job that isn't a job.

A love that renders words inadequate.

To be a Mom is to be fully alive,

yet willing to lay one's life down for another.

Pupose fills my days.

Hopes, dreams, and fears fill my quiet.

Motherhood took me beyond my potential and

continues to surprise me at every turn.

A rollercoaster I pray will never end.

Only Grow

with deeper meaning.

2) Women possess a superpower like no other: they can make humans.

Here is a collection of newborn images I took this Spring.

Where does your focus land on Mother's Day?

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on inspiration, love, and connection.

- Kelly


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