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Creatively, I am influenced by a variety of different sectors, artists, and genres. For example, the colour palletes in my paintings will affect how I see and edit colour in my photographs.

It was this idea of influence, and how it affects me, that was the seed for Branch Out - my women's photography workshop.

Here, I detail why I called it 'Branch Out'.


The BRANCH OUT Workshop - defined

The name, Branch Out, represents the idea of taking photographers out of their silos (landscape, wedding, portrait, etc.) and challenging them to be influenced by other genres. To go beyond their comfort zones by exposing themselves to other areas of expertise.

The image above exemplifies how my sports photography influenced my wedding photography. When possible, I introduce (or capture spontaneously) movement in a scene. By having the wedding party walk around the couple, it added both meaning and depth to an otherwise 'boring' posed image.

This year, Branch Out attendees will capture dancers and cyclists using different styles that both freeze the action and/or distort it in creative ways with Alexis McKeown and myself.

The goal isn't to change what interests attendees.

Rather, the goal is to INFLUENCE HOW they SEE

and to ADD to their TOOLKITS.

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Act quickly as there are only a few spots remaining in this intimate and memorable workshop.


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