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7,000 Entries, 70 Countries & An Award

Having never entered a photography competition, I didn't know what to expect. So, I took it easy, entering only one image that I took on my cell phone (sadly, it was all I had when inspiration struck).

When the live judging began, DFA Awards thanked everyone for the over 7,000 photographs that were submitted from 70 different countries. I laughed, not expecting my image to be a finalist, let alone an award winner. But, low and behold, there it was...

A finalist for the round of live judging and then selected for an award!

(The athlete in me, and 4th place finisher at the Olympic Games, felt pretty damn good about that!)

It was a great experience watching the judges critic and discuss the different images. So much to learn and absorbed from their insights.

I'm thankful for this recognition and for the encouragement to continue developing my craft.


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