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5 Holiday Card Do's & Don'ts To WOW

It's tricky I know. Christmas/Holiday cards can feel pressure-filled.

Don't fear, I'm here to help with some simple guidelines to ensure your card represents the authentic YOU and will help you avoid a few minefields.

1) DO Make It Personal

Let your 'hair-down' and feel free to demonstrate your personality. Whether through images or writing, don't feel the need to be perfect. These days EVERYONE appreciates the reminder that no one is perfect, people are complicated and there can be love and joy in the mayhem that is life.

DON'T...make it too personal.

No one needs to hear about your dirty laundry or family gossip. Examples: who in your family had COVID, or who did/didn't get vaccinated, or who-left-who in a divorce. (These are examples from Christmas letters I've actually received!)

2) DO Be Visual

Ok, this may seem self-serving as a photographer...but seriously...who has time to read during the holidays. It's OK to show off some of your Instagram-worthy highlight reels from the year. This can be therapeutic for yourself as well - a nice reminder of who and what you've done.

DON'T...get too micro.

What I mean by 'micro', is that you don't have to share images of your great breakfast from last Tuesday. Even if it did get lots of likes on your social platforms. Your family and friends want to see you. So don't be camera shy and, instead of an image of your plate, share a selfie of you eating it or entering that amazing restaurant.

3) DO Keep It Simple

I suggest you pick one image that showcases your family/year or a feeling you want to share. Then, either inside or on the back side (if a postcard), build a small collage with more images. A good rule of thumb is the old adage - less is more.

DON'T...avoid variety.

Variety is the spice of life, so get spicy! Share images that demonstrate MORE. More of you, more of the space you live in, and more of the emotions that make life worth living.

4) DO Lead By Emotion

When is your card design finished? Taking a page from the decluttering master KonMarie, ask yourself;

'Does It Bring Me Joy?'

If the answer is yes, you've reached the finish line. Print and ship those spectacular holiday cards with pride!

Don' tempted to add just one more! (see 'DO' #3)

5) DO Be Timely

There is a window to Holiday cards, and getting them in March is too late. really is. That said, see my final DON'T.

DON'T...stress, there's nothing wrong with a Happy New Year's card instead! Side bonus, Happy New Year's avoids the pitfalls of holiday/cultural conflicts.

FINALLY - be confident because You-Got-This!

You are special, you are unique, and trust that people want to hear from you.


Don't be shy. Reach out if you'd like my help in photographing, designing, and printing your Holiday Cards.

With Holiday Cheer,



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