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Vito & Dawn's Banff Wedding (Tunnel Mountain, Buffalo Mountain Lodge & First Look)

There are few places (if any) more beautiful than Banff for a picturesque wedding. However, nothing is perfect.

This outdoor ceremony for a late September wedding faced a forecast of 20cm's of snow. Some hard decisions had to be made.

However, Dawn & Vito weren't daunted and figured their thick-skinned Canadians guests could face a winter-storm-wedding. So, the schedule went ahead as planned for the ceremony to be held outside, at the Tunnel Mountain Reservoir.

Thankfully, the weather gods were in their favour. The heavy snow fell down the valley and Banff only saw a picturesque dusting.

In the end, perhaps Banff is perfect after all.

It was an honour to capture Dawn & Vito's wedding day and I hope you enjoy this record of their union.

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