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Our Love Affair with Symmetry: Photography Tips

It's easy to become consumed with the technical aspects of photography forgetting that, at the end of the day, photographers are artists at heart.

Rekindle the artist within you and use the RULES of SYMMETRY to help you not only release the shutter, but craft images that will capture peoples attention.

1) Why We Like Symmetry - Because It's EVERYWHERE!

We feel comfortable when living in or looking at symmetry because it's what we're used to.

If you split your body down the middle, our left and right sides looks remarkably similar. This mirroring ratio has been found by scientist (often dubbed The Golden Mean) of 1:1.61 over and over again in nature. It can be seen in everything from our own bodies, cloud formations, seashells, etc.

It is this phenomenon of symmetry that gives viewers comfort and drives professional photographers, painters, architects, interior designers to keep their tools of symmetry close at hand.

- NOTE: Perfect symmetry isn't what you're striving for.

However, adding strong elements of symmetry will create high impact images and the mild imperfections will give it life. 2) Magic in Mirrors

When symmetry isn't naturally occurring in your environment, try using creative ways to craft it.

The easiest way to do that is by using reflections. Windows, mirrors, shiny surfaces & water will very quickly become your best friends. They'll not only add the attractive nature of symmetry to some images during a shoot, but will also inspire your creative nature.

- This was an impromptu portrait using a massive fish tank to add just enough symmetry to capture your attention...and has the viewer wondering what exactly they're looking at.

- Here, water added an extra element of symmetry to an already symmetrically inspired image of pregnant sisters.

- That moment of reflection, right before this bride walked down the isle, was perfectly captured using the reflections of mirrors in this hallway.

3) When Symmetry isn't Possible - Strive for Balance

Symmetry isn't always possible, however balancing the weight in an image is.

Sense where your eye is drawn, then try to find creative ways to balance that energy in the opposite end of the image.

- The father hiking in the top left of this image balances the weight of the young boy innocently looking back to be sure his Mom is still there.

Wrap It With A Bow

- Symmetry - look for it, create it, & experiment with it

- It's the imperfections in symmetry that give life to an image

- Balanced weight in an image is always your friend

- Reminder: You're an artist at heart, so let that creative light shine!

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