Family, Newborn & Wedding Photographer

Canmore / Banff / Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada


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Precious Simplicity

I am in the business of creating precious memories, and I want to make sure that yours are truly magical. My work is personalized, intimate, and all about ensuring the experience is a positive one from beginning to end. I look forward to hearing from you and helping tell the story that marks the beginning of a new life...


in home / personalized / 4h /

online gallery / 50+ images

processed / $25 print credit / mobile app


A Timeless Story

My role is to ensure your images capture the beauty of this moment, naturally and timelessly. Working with you to understand your vision for the day is how I ensure the bride, groom, and families I work with leave happy with their entire experience.

$2,000 - Elopement Package
1.5h / mini-book / 35 digitals

$5,000+ - Wedding Packages
8h+ / boutique book / 75+ digitals / mobile app / +++


Because Time Flies

I strive to capture those magical moments of interaction, with timeless precision in the taking and editing process. Be inspired in my family gallery and contact me below for bookings.

$250 (up to 6 people)
1h on location or in studio / 50+ images processed / mobile app / $25 print credit /



#1 - Be You

Most importantly, if you're comfortable and feel like yourself, that positive energy will shine through in your images.

Wear what feels right and shows your personality. However, don't go overboard. The images are meant to showcase you NOT your clothing.

#2 - Think As A Group
If I suggest anything, it's to think as a group. Greys, blacks, and blues are always great ideas, but if colour is your thing, go for it...sparingly

#3 - Have FUN!
If you have an idea or fun object you want included in your portrait session, please bring it along. I'll incorporate as much as we can to personalize your portrait session. Just remember, I'll be carrying your bags/ - so be kind!

#4 - Footwear
If we're going for a walk (as I often do with clients) wear appropriate footwear.

#5 - Accessories
Sunglasses, hats, scarves are all welcome but we may not use them in all images.

BREATH! Leave the worrying to's my job to be sure you look great.



Canmore / Banff / Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada