Family portrait sessions are always a balancing act between posing, directing and simply letter the magic unfold.  This family was unique in that Sandra (Mom) was a photographer and her family is well versed in 'how to smile'.  So, I enjoyed the challenge of finding pr...

This is a unique blog, one where I would like to thank my community of clients for their incredible reviews.  The positive feedback has made my heart swell and keeps me motivated to continue telling their stories in unique and authentic ways. 

Here a...

This Denholm/Sandercott/Stiver family is local to Canmore and I've had the pleasure of working with them to help capture many milestones; pregnancies, babies, reunions.  Although this session was challenging, with tired kids and strong winds, you wouldn't know it as th...

Every graduating class likes to think of their cohort as unique, however, 2020's grads may be the only ones who can truly claim (to many of their dismay) that their stories are undoubtedly different. 

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown measure, they're school ye...

Time took a different meaning in the last few months, especially for kids and their parents.

Amidst the juggling act of work, home schooling, and 'normal' life, there remained moments of beauty.  In the past, I may not have pulled out my camera to capture these every da...

Every birth story is just that, a story.  However, some are slightly more exciting than others. 

Mia Grace's birth story was one of the more enthralling tales, much to her Mother's dismay.

Arriving 5 weeks early and in record speed, Mia was unexpectedly delivered at...

This portrait session was filled with luck and love right from the beginning. 

Squeezing our session in, only days before the Covid-19 isolation measures were put into place, everyone felt lucky to record this incredible phase of Liza, Steve and baby Charlie's life.   T...

 I'm excited to announce that postcards with from my most popular paintings are now available!

My son, during the new Covid-19 isolation measures, began writing letters to his cousins.  That inspired me to have postcards printed with hopes of bringing smiles to friends...

My latest article in the series, Solitude Of Sport - for CBC, has just gone live. 

Featuring Olympic couple Georgia Simmerling & Stephanie Labbé - see how they're handling virtual racing 'til you puke & delayed retirements.

CLICK HERE to see more images and read the...

"I was like, oh my god, I was in the best shape of my life," he explained with shock in his voice.

As many of my readers & followers know, my work straddles several sectors. However, they all center around storytelling. 

This image above is from my latest piece of work f...

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